Monday, March 06, 2006

Return to the Womb

It occurred to me that since the time I began reading Best of the Blogs through when I was invited to contribute through today, I recall little if any discussion of abortion. We've all acknowledged the existence of the cultural war, that it exists in reality - some issues do devolve to yes or no, that most believe are personal choices - but it exists in politics more: yes or no issues have great value as moneyraisers and base-rallying (on both sides). Lots has been written here and elsewhere on gay marriage, on how Republican state legislatures, at the behest of or in conjunction with Rovian dictates, added anti-gay propositions to ballots in 2004 to give pro-Bush supporters extra incentive to vote.

It may be coincidental that anti-abortion legislation is making its way through state houses just as George Bush's presidency seems daily to reach new bottoms of popularity, but it is not accidental that anti-abortion forces had legislation ready in time for Sam Alito's elevation to SCOTUS, and it is certainly not inconvenient for a White House in desperate need for anything diversionary that the culture war moves from sodomites to babykillers. Or is it?

This is a culture war not on homosexual men but on heterosexual women - the one's who were supposed to dampen at the sight of Maximum Leader in his sock-stuffed flight suit. This has never been about fetuses, this is about controlling women's sexuality: if all life is equally sacred, there wouldn't be exceptions to save the mother's life, there wouldn't be exceptions for rape and incest. Crooks and Liars now has up a recording of a telephone conversation betweeen a caller who asked another dumb rightwing radio host Jane Hamsher's hypothetical question, if you were in a clinic and there were five fertilized eggs and one two-year-old child, and the building caught fire, and you could only save the five fertilized eggs or the two year old child, which would you save if all lives are equal. The General today sends out word that legislation is proposed in Tennessee that will ban the selling of dildos. If that's successful, I suspect legislation will be proposed that will ban the female orgasm except those deemed permissible by the woman's male partner. And when that happens, with this administration, women better not confide anything to anyone over the phone.

Because we're going back

and Margaret had sex three times in her life.
She never had an abortion.
She never had a dildo. She never had an orgasm.
And America was safer. And men were secure.


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