Sunday, March 05, 2006

Say I've just gone down to the basement CD racks to browse and rediscovered all my Mazzy Star albums, and in listening to So Tonight That I Might See I remember precisely why I loved this band, and I'd like to be able to make available to those who'd like some of the songs. How could I make them available? I know I could go create a radio station on Live365, but I have neither the time or ambition to do that. What I'd like to do is occasionally compile a podcast and make it available here for anyone interested. How? What programs? Through ipod? Are there copyright hoops I'd have to jump through? Any advice would be appreciated. Email is up in corner. Or here in comments. I also found some Beat Happening and Pylon and The Gits and Tsunami and Velocity Girl. And all the Pere Ubu you'd want.
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UPDATE: Slate's going to be running a debate all week on Rip it Up....

New York Times has a review of

It's just been released in paperback. Good read, though I'd still recommend


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