Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Video Proof Bush Lied

Great figgety figs. Video shows Bush was briefed before Katrina hit that the levees could break. Please remember, four days after they did break, Bush said no one had been briefed.

I'm going to skip the recitation of all the ways he's lied, blundered, screwed-up, etc. As Jerry pointed out earlier, and all of us here know, we have an idea, but have no idea of the magnitude, just what evidence of his corruption and incompetence and dishonesty and truly stupendous and willful stupidity will come to light, but it's going to start coming to light faster and ever more spectacularly as people who helped perpetrate it all race to save their sorry asses. We are going to be aghast and amazed and horrified and ashamed.

If Republican leaders have any political sense whatsoever - if they have any survival instinct whatsoever - they'd start impeachment hearings, just to try to take some of the stink off themselves. Cause this administration's stink is going to be the most rancid, most toxic, most cripplingly noxious stank in American history.

We, the citizens of this country, Liberal or Conservative, Democratic or Republican, are fucked. In ways we know, in ways we don't fully understand yet, in ways we're going to find out, and the consequences of it all: we are so fucked.

And it gives me, a passionate Liberal, a partisan Democratic, absolutely no joy to say so.


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