Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Warehouses to Empty

I've written about my - and most people's - thorough conditioning to
respond to lists, I'm swamped at work, and Amazon, in an attempt, I'm guessing, to clear product out of the warehouse before pre-tax inventory, dropped an email on me this morning announcing that their editors have compiled lists of the Best of the Half Decade. Synchronicity.


Classical (so much Bach? Not an anti-Bach sentiment, just curious.)

Best Rock with Guided by Voices on the list, but not on the

Alt Rock where I would have expected them to be.
To be honest, the alt rock list is decent; I've never caught the Radiohead bug, though I understand and respect why some do; I love the Flaming Lips music (especially pre-Yoshimi) if not the Flaming Lips, self-promoters; I've raved about MMJ. I could quibble and add and subtract choices, but it's just a list.

By the way, The Flaming Lips have a new album due out this April. I've heard the single - it's not bad, but if it's indicative of the whole, they're not bringing back any of the Soft Bulletin and before sound.

AND: speaking of GbV and Robert Pollard, a review in today's Village Voice online that asks the question that's always asked: prolific or profligate? "
It's easy to fill your basket if you don't separate the wheat from the chaff." Um, yes.


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