Sunday, April 09, 2006

DCU 2, Chivas 0

It was cold, rainy: Planet and spouse and brother wussied out. And missed a most contentious match.

Nowak's problem is twofold: not only are Gomez' and Adu's best position the same, even if he gives Gomez the 10 and shifts Adu to wing, NEITHER can (or can and won't) play defense. Gomez is clearly the better 10, so Gomez starts.

DCU starts in 3-3-4, with Erpen and Boswell centering the back line with the useful Josh Gros on left, the useless John Wilson on right, and until Chivas threw everything starting around 70 minute, the organization was good. Then it wasn't. At half, Nowak subbed Simms for Filomeno, switched to 2-4-4 (and the Filomeno Era may be over until inevitable injuries give him another chance), a move that should have bolstered the defense, but didn't.

I turned to the person standing next to me at half and said - Yes, with this sole purpose in mind - Boy, Moreno sure looks old, uninspired, weak, and then Bang! Well, not Bang! but the ball was in the net. I do think there's something that's leached out of Moreno: his finishing passes have no umph. Yet he nets two.

I do not know if Chivas' freekick crossed the goal line. From where I stood, it looked like it knicked the back part of the line, and replays I've seen are inconclusive. I do know that if I was Chivas (or a Chivas fan) I'd have been livid, which proves nothing. The game got seriously chippy after that: Grand Sultan of Diving Pussies Ante Razov got into a shouting match with the useless John Wilson (who to his credit invited Razov to go ahead and swing), and another Chivas player walked up to the Eagle's Nest and invited all of us to both fuck off and jerk off. It's a shame we don't get another home game against them until next year.

An encouraging game on more levels than it was discouraging. Boswell and Erpen next to each other on the backline has tremendous potential if DCU can find a right defender (Namoff?).


Anonymous mk said...

Razov dived when Carroll cleared the ball - Chivas should never have had the free kick in the first place.

9:30 AM  

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