Tuesday, April 04, 2006

We Are the Enemy (April edition)

Incredible though it seems, if viewed dispassionately (which I cannot do), there are those who feel that because my child is protected from their indoctrinating of their mythology in our public schools, for which I am thankful, there is therefore a "war against Christianity" being waged in America. My next door neighbor is such a midget, and while I don't bother pointing out to him that if Jesus was the son of God then Jesus knew he risked nothing by participating in the propaganda skit called the crucifixition, I did need to tell him to keep his religious views to himself, and advised him that it was best not to discuss his cannibalism-based rituals with me.

The neighbor had a barbeque this past weekend, and after his and his guests kids had gone inside along with the women, the neighbor and two friends, over cigars and multiple whiskeys, went to their cars and brought out their guns and sat on the porch and, caressing their weapons, discussed their faith: How no Liberals were going to get in the way of their faith, how much they'd like to shoot Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and how this is going to be a Christian Nation one way or the other, and how much they were looking forward to next weekend up in West Virginia when the Capital Soldiers for Jesus are meeting for manouvers. It was a warm night, our windows were open, they were drunk and loud, so I'm not sure I was meant to overhear, but I'm positive the neighbor was sincere when he said, When the shooting starts, I got dibs on that fucking Liberal next door.

I am not an atheist. I acknowledge a hankering for faith, but I'm agnostic as to whether it's psychological, biological, or some combination of both. And I understand the comfort of rituals, the warmth of community, the need to belong, the desire for authority that everyone feels and that some find within the structure of organized religion. I understand that my moral system is based on thousands of years of Judeo-Christian traditions. I am not anti-religious.

But I am not a Christian - especially not a Clown Christian. I don't want Christianity forced on me or my family, I don't want Christianity legally forced on my country, and I especially don't want a born again moron to be my president, and that makes me the enemy of people who do. I've said this before: a significant proportion of whack-Christians are deliriously praying for an excuse to kill or be killed for Jesus.

Militias are training. Weapons are being stocked. Fortresses being readied. Morons being brainwashed. Clown Christians control the Senate, the House, the Presidency, the judiciary, and they claim to be threatened by a raging anti-Christian war. Imagine what they'll do when they really feel endangered.


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