Monday, May 01, 2006

First thing: the Ronnie O'Brien Goal Celebration Dance, considering his history w/DCU, the animosity between him and the supporters' clubs, was absolutely hilarious. While some in the crowd were angered, they're humorless - it was funny in all senses of that word.

DCU were the better team for the first ten and last 25 minutes. The FCD goalie made three brilliant saves, and yes, Gros was offside - if Boswell's header had gone in it would have counted, but since Gros was in a passive offside position when Boswell took the header he was correctly ruled to be offside when he got the rebound.

It's a shame that FCD is not in the same conference as DCU (and play each other four times a year instead of just two), because MLS needs bitter rivalries, and these two teams just don't not like each other, they actively dislike each other. Which makes for good soccer.

Good to see Benny score - and today's papers say he will be named to USMNT for Germany. Good for Benny, bad for DCU - if he misses 10 games, and he's the key engine, brain, and heart of team like I think he is, I'll be happy if DCU can take 16-18 out of the possible 30 points. Yes, that's greedy.


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