Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thursday is Aarghday!

Richard Cohen in (today's) once great Wankerstan Post:

Colbert just did it, and he will not suffer any consequence at all. He knew that going in. He also knew that Bush would have to sit there and pretend to laugh at Colbert's lame and insulting jokes. Bush himself plays off his reputation as a dunce and his penchant for mangling English. Self-mockery can be funny. Mockery that is insulting is not. The sort of stuff that would get you punched in a bar can be said on a dais with impunity. This is why Colbert was more than rude. He was a bully.

The Editors at Poor Man deal admirably (and with appropriate rudeness - fair warning!) with the issue of rudeness. And Richard Cohen can take his self-perception as a sensible Liberal and go floss himself. But just let me just add a couple of thoughts about being a bully. A bully holds all laws that govern people in contempt and all people who follow those laws as beneath comtempt. The idea that Colbert "violated" decorum by "insulting" a man who prides himself as being above any and all laws - domestic or international - is exactly the irony that Colbert devastatingly illuminated. Just to put this straight: a cable television comedian who calls out a bully, a bully, mind you, determined to deliver unto us yet another war of his choosing, and calls out the bully's lackeys too, is called a bully by one of the lackeys. Ouchee! (Oh, and that Colbert was a bully because he knew that The Decider! couldn't order Colbert's torture because of the Law, that seals Colbert's damning as a bully. And how does Colbert - and Cohen - know that The Decider! hasn't order Colbert's torture? Yet?)

Ba'al, while I admire Neil Young, and like what I've heard of the new album, but Dammit, have an effingly kickass protest song:


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