Saturday, May 27, 2006

Hobbesian Dweebs Spasm Arrhythmically

The Top 50 conservative rock songs as compiled by survey by the kewl kidz over at National Review.

First, can anyone tell me if Rush (the band, not the pantload) is really that iconic to conservatives? Their suckitude is so sucktatious that I could never get beyond how sucktacular the music was to ever get to listening to what I presume are equally sucktabulous lyrics. Jeebus they suck.

Second, put down your lunch before summoning an image of

Jonah Goldberg rocking his fat ass. Ick.

Most predictable song on the list: duh... Lyrnrd Skynryd? Sweet Home Alabama? Ding ding ding!

Say what: The Clash? The Clash? I knew conservatives were culturally deaf, but The Clash?

Finally: Proof! that conservatives have neither a sense of irony or a sense of shame: Living Colors' "Cult of Personality," which they consider:
"A hard—rocking critique of state power, whacking Mussolini, Stalin, and even JFK: "I exploit you, still you love me / I tell you one and one makes three / I'm the cult of personality."
You can't make this shit up.