Wednesday, June 14, 2006

One Sentence No One Would Ever
Guess They'd Hear From Me

Duluth, at first impression, seems a not horrible town.

And Minnesota Rt 61 along the north shore of Lake Superior is simply spectacular. You can't always trust those green scenic dashes on road maps, but they got this one right. Lake Superior, today at least, is cobalt blue.

BTW, Spain beat Ukraine 4-0, so 31st place for USMNT is theirs for the taking.

Duluth Update!!!!

If you're ever in Superior Wisconsin, stop for pizza at Shamrocks on Tower Ave. Looks like a dump, it shakes when trains go by, and the cigarette smoke from the lounge next to the dining room stinks, but the pizza is the best I've had since I can't remember.

Oh, it's "pop" not "soda," "hoagies" not "subs," "suckers" not "lollipops." And liquor stores are called "bottle shops."

More importantly, the radio in Minnesota reminds me constantly of just how sucktacular DC radio is. In Minneapolis there's a station that's sort of a KEXP light - it plays some of the same bands, but from what I heard only the bands' CD's single. Signal carried almost 125 miles. Then there's KUMD (as in U of M Duluth) that's just played three hours of roots and blues. You ain't getting either in DC (but you in DC know that.)


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