Sunday, July 23, 2006


Best point of the year.

What a difference how a 1-1 tie feels when you're the team catching up instead of the team getting caught. And Chicago wanted this one, to christen the stadium with a signature win, to stop United's unbeaten streak, to establish themselves as a serious team. Hah! I say.

I have an abundant heart. I am more than capable of joyously hating Chicago. MLS needs intense rivalries. With two more games between DCU and the lamely named Fire, after all the bad tackles and DCU denying - HAH! - Chicago a game they dearly wanted, maybe I'll get to hate another team this year like I hate Ningland already.

BTW, I have no idea how MLS is going to screw-up what they now have - a perfectly balanced schedule - when they bring in Toronto next year and whatever expansion teams in the future, but I really hope that if they go to multiple divisions they keep DCU, Ningland, NY, and Chicago together (and, I suppose Columbus, too). DCU, Ningland, NY are no-brainers, but I'm guessing they'll go geographic and spin Chicago away, which would be a shame.


Anonymous mdp said...

You watched a different game than I did. Other than the scoreline (which is all that counts, I guess) my word would be meltdown.

Chicago has our number and that game film shows exactly how to beat DCU. Look for NE and FCD to do the same.

12:00 PM  
Anonymous bdr said...

I don't disagree. I'm thinking more of how disheartening it must be for Chicago to NOT be rewarded and how heartening it must be for DCU to grab a point under such circumstances. My HAH! is aimed at a pissed-off Chicago rather than a relieved DCU.

And you're correct: Chicago plays DCU tougher than anyone else does.

12:55 PM  
Blogger Landru said...

The late goal was enormously satisfying, but boy, were they sucking wind.

C. Armas should be sent off from every game, for the crime of existence. He and Dempsey are mortal locks in the midfield on the All-Punkass-Bitch team.

The game looked REALLY good in HD, by the way.

2:11 PM  
Blogger Blackdogred said...

Armas is one of the players that Arena developed a peculiar affection for - thank goodness (for usmnt) that he has been too unfit to get minutes, or he, not Benny, would have been Reyna's back-up in Germany.

Dempsey, however, is good enough to play in Europe provided that he STOP being a punkass bitch, but since he's a TEXAS punkass bitch I don't know that he can.

My sign in word was pelxm, a nasty side-effect of having to change plans at the last minute.

4:50 PM  

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