Friday, July 21, 2006


I think this,

Evangelicals *So Gone* is my favorite album of 2006 so far. Here's what I hear: Imagine a combination of The Flaming Lips and Animal Collective and The Sea and Cake, a combination where the excesses of The Lips are contained within the discipline of The Sea and Cake and the discipline of The Sea and Cake is liberated by the whimsy of Animal Collective and the joyousness of The Flaming Lips.

(I have no idea whether these guys have ever listened to The Sea and Cake, but man, do I hear Sea and Cake. I am willing to bet they know Animal Collective and, being from OK, The Lips.)

I've posted their songs before. Look, I'm doing it again:

Here Comes Trouble
(though this is less like the rest of the album than)

four songs over on myspace.

Have more:

Amadou and Mariam

Regina Spektor
(click on music: very generous)

Yo La Tengo

Be Your Own Pet


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