Thursday, June 30, 2005


Herbert gets at part of it here.

What has this man and his handlers done
that gives any conscious person any hope
that the Iraqibog will stabilize much less
get better? The ultimate message of his
pathetic recitation of talking points last
Tuesday: you trusted me to screw this up,
trust me to screw it up more, and if you
don't trust me to screw it up more you hate

We're accused by some of "hating the troops"
and "giving comfort to the enemy" and
"loving the terrorists more than our country."
Speaking only for myself, if not wanting to
see American soldiers blown up for the sake
of dWarf's legacy is hating our troops, I
suspect many troops would rather have my
hate than Repignican commenters' love. If not
wanting a generation of American soldiers to
be relentlessly groundbeefed in a war conceived
by false prophets of American glory is giving
comfort to the enemy, I suspect many troops would
rather have my comfort for the enemy than our
Repignican commenters' comfort for our troops.
If hating a president who has undermined America's
credibility in the world, undermined the strength
and morale of our military by engaging it in
a fool's quagmire, and who professes love for
our soldiers while ordering them to die for his
mistake, is loving the terrorists more than my
country, I disrespectfully urge our trolls to
go fvck themselves in front of the carnival
mirror through which they view the world.


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