Monday, June 27, 2005

Coming Soon: Night of Long Knives

Last week I posted about Rove's attack on Liberals. My thesis was that one of the major goals of the attack was to warn those Conservatives that may be awakening to their stoogeness and starting to voice opinions that hadn't been cleared by Bushco censors.

Dick Cheney attacks vaunted Liberal Chuck Hage
l (from the Blue State of Nebraska).

Hagel's considering a bid for 2008 Republican president nomination. Think there's at least two messages he's supposed to take from Cheney's slanderous attack?

If you think Bushco attacks against Liberals are beyond the pale, imagine what neo-con reaction will be to Conservatives who don't parrot the party line. Bushco will eat its own.

MORE: Consider this: the attacks against their own, to keep them in line, to warn them of consequences, is not primarily because of what they have already said but because of what they may say in the future as more and more of the depth of Bushco's imcompetence and depraved motives and pathological hunger for power is revealed. Bushco knows what Bushco's done, doing, trying to do. We haven't seen anything yet as far as disclosures and revelations go. Discoveries will be made that will challenge the morals of even the most devout Bush supporter.


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