Friday, July 01, 2005

Commence, cont...

Seems to me the first tactic of the Right will be to smear O'Connor, a moderate Conservative, certainly a Conservative, as a Liberal. Sandra Day O'Connor, too liberal for America, that'll be the meme.

Which begs the question, which is worse: that the Right KNOWS they're lying and lie anyway or that the Right actually BELIEVES that O'Connor is a Liberal?

In any case, let's hope our side is prepared with facts - not that that's mattered much lately - so that when dWarf nominates an FU appointee that person's rightwiggery can't be passed off as centrist by comparison to a real Conservative now maligned as a Liberal.

MORE: I was going to make this point, but Yglesias over on Tapped beat me to it: think economics and worker rights:

There's more at stake here than your "hot-button" topics of abortion and gay rights, and more in play than the possibility that the Court will underenforce Americans' basic rights and liberties. The Republican Party has done an excellent job of obscuring this fact, but a huge element of the conservative judicial agenda concerns economics.

Josh Marshall over at TPM concurs:

But don't forget the effect in the workplace and the economy at large. The decision on who to appoint is in the hands of those who would turn the US economy back to what it was in the latter part of the 19th century, a world in which state and federal legislative action to insure the common good was hamstrung by court decisions that left everything in the hands of the marketplace.

Neat trap they've constructed: the more the Left focuses on Roe and gay rights and civil liberties the more the Right is energized, and the more the Right is energized the less attention is paid to the Poobahs true intentions. Didn't they just win an election running this scam?

I by no means say that Roe and gay rights and civil liberties are secondary concerns, but they should not be the primary concerns alone. The Left has played this game and been played for rubes before. When the Rove Administration names a neo-Nazi for the court, as much attention needs to be paid to that person's positions on business economics and workers' rights and environmental protection as that person's positions on issues in the culture war.


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