Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Ignore the Voices in Your Head

Bushco urges people to shut up, and it's not us on the Left.

In a series of conference calls on Tuesday and over the last several days, Republican Senate aides encouraged conservative groups to avoid emphasizing the searing cultural issues that social conservatives see at the heart of the court fight, subjects like abortion, public support for religion and same-sex marriage, participants said.

Instead, these participants, who insisted on anonymity to avoid exclusion from future calls, said the aides - including Barbara Ledeen of the Senate Republican Conference and Eric Ueland, chief of staff to Senator Bill Frist, the majority leader - emphasized themes that had been tested in polls, including a need for a fair and dignified confirmation process.

In other words, Bushco IS aware that on abortion, separation of church and state, and equal rights for all citizens regardless of sexual orientation, the majority of Americans support positions diametrically opposite of American Talibans. Therefore, Democrats who represent the majority opinions of Americans MUST be portrayed as working exactly against those Americans.

(And, as an aside, if Bushco's top priority is placing a supreme that will cater to the interests of big business, it could nominate a judge who advocated returning to Robber Baroncy and s/he'd get through swooshingly as long as s/he was neutral on the cultural issues. I suspect this was the planning all along; I suspect the Mullahs worry about this, and thus the loud fuss.)


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