Thursday, July 07, 2005


I've been surfing the blogs and cruising the leather bars on Fox and CNN where Conservative talking heads bloviate each other, and this just in: those Liberals who hate America are responsible for the London underground bombings. Goodness, I feel just awful.

Here I thought, four and a half years into an administration that controls both sides of Congress, which has instructed that Congress to eliminate whatever vestiges of power and influence Democrats have in Congress with the express goal of relegating Democrats in general and Liberals in particular to irrelevancy, and has ruled with an ironclad Fuck You, Shut Up agenda, might be responsible for the policies that, almost four years after the 911 attacks, allow Osama Bin Laden to still direct Al-Qaida and have turned Iraq into a training ground for new terrorist recruits; has initiated and implemented policies that have further diminished America's security by alienating our allies and increasing global loathing of all things American. Hell, it wasn't Liberals that let the Coast Guard rot to shit.

But I am, according to Patriotic Americans, which as a Liberal I cannot be by definition, responsible for the London bombings and, I suppose, the Madrid bombings also.

Fvcking rightwing fvcking fvcks, this is on YOUR watch, awipes.

And have you ever, EVER, seen such glee as these pigweasels on the attack? They're freakin' gleeful. They freakin' love it. And you know what else? They love freakin' Osama Bin Laden almost as much as they hate Americans who don't think exactly like they do.

They fvcked up. It's gotta be our fault. Thanks for the credit, but really, we don't deserve it. This is all on you.


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