Thursday, October 06, 2005

Change of Pace

NPR's Morning Edition this morning reported that the Nobel Committee will not be announcing this year's laureate in Literature as scheduled. Traditionally, the Literature prize is announced on the first Thursday of October, but it has been delayed, and that delay has prompted speculation that the committee is embroiled in a fight over the choice. The audio article also stated that British bookmakers have as this year's favorites a Syrian poet and Joyce Carol Oates(!). (I like most Oates, and admire her work, but Nobel Laureate?)

So, two questions: Who do you think WILL win? (If not a name, what language?) And, who would you like to see win? Here's a list of past winners, btw.

There hasn't been an Arabic speaking writer since 1988 (Naguib Mahfouz), so I'm guessing that if it isn't the Syrian poet the Brit bookies are betting on, it'll be another. Who would I like to see: Philip Roth.


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