Monday, October 03, 2005

The View, Seven Hours Later

Gutless entrenchment by the powers that be. There're the scandals out there, the retaliatory scandals to come, the shitstorm in Iraq, the continuing fiasco of the federal response to Katrina...

Bushco, all but the most reactionary of Republicans, and all but the most revolutionary of Democrats, are baffled by current affairs, unable to predict which way events will break. Primarily concerned with maintaining their own level of power, they didn't have the political will or stomach for a nuclear exchange.

So noises will be made. Vigorous harrumphing, lectern-pounding, dire forecasting, partisan bloviating, procedural grunting, postured farting. Interest groups will bang their tablas, Cassandras on the Left will wail, Klingons on the Right will fulminate, while the cowards in the middle tsk their self-serving disapprovals at the state of today's political discourse.

I'm not sure whether a non-fight over Miers is a good or a bad thing, but since it's obvious to me that all of establishment Washington DOESN'T want a fight over her, I suspect that a fight is a necessary thing. Which is why they've chosen not to have it.


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