Monday, October 24, 2005

Prediction as Suggestion, or is it Suggestion as Prediction

As soon as the Boy King's top squad perpwalks out of Washington, the Boy King will have to restaff, all while Harriet Miers continues to be flayed by the piggliest of PigRepublicans (who were, if memory serves, oinking clouds of indignation, indignation dammit, that everyone deserves an up or down vote! just a filibuster ago).

What's a fumbduck to do? Offer buckfuddy Miers a dreamier cronykiss, say Chief of Staff, so she can adulate the Boy King from across the office all and every day? The Boy King gets to stroke his goatee of loyalty AND he gets to save face on Miers' SCOTUS withdrawal AND gets those choddam gristians to fut the shuck up.


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