Thursday, September 15, 2005

All You Need to Know about Motivation

From today's NYT: Republicans said Karl Rove, the White House deputy chief of staff and Mr. Bush's chief political adviser, was in charge of the reconstruction effort, which reaches across many agencies of government....

See, Karl is not only a liar, traitor, and symbiotic colon for the ringworm that is dWarf, he's an urban developer, city-planner, and master of erector sets. Well, that last is true.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

President Haskell

After trying to blame local gov'ts failed, after blaming the media failed, after his henchmen tried to blame the poor and the blacks and failed, after firing his good friend Brownie failed; when, finally, with no other options to stop the unstaunched bleeding to death of his poll numbers, our midget president accepts responsibility for the Federal Gov'ts meagre response to Katrina.

What's notable: he made his scripted, teeth-gritted statement, standing next to Iraqi "President" Jalal Talabani, who must have seen Bush's statement clearly as both a lesson in political cowardice masquerading as courage and as a direct warning to him and his gov't that Bushco plans on blaming Talabani's gov't when disasters and atrocities and carnage in Iraq return to our television screens.

What's the use of making a false, craven, duplicitous and cowardly non-admission of responsibility if it can't be used later to deflect blame for other disasters of incompetence, mismanagement, cronyism, and hubris?

UPDATE: Less anyone think, c'mon, you're being too hard, via TPM, the possible reason for the non-acceptance of responsibility today: proof that Governor Blanco and the state of "Louisiana took the necessary steps in a timely fashion to secure federal assistance in the face of hurricane Katrina."