Friday, June 24, 2005

Beneath Lies, Threats

Rove’s attack and it’s support by the RNC and White House is meant to intimidate not us - our getting pissed off no doubt makes them giggle - but those Republicans and conservatives that are beginning to wonder just what depths of hell Bushco has delivered us into in Iraq.

If independently minded Republicans are permitted to question Bushco motives and methods in Iraq, how long before they start questioning Bushco policies and procedures on the economy, the environment, the budget, the judiciary? This is the most spectacularly incompetent and corrupt administration of modern memory - what if his side starts wondering if this is true?

When Bushco feels threatened they heat up the red/blue fight, and what better way to fire up the hatred then to call the other side cowards and traitors? But more than that, it is a direct warning to those Republican politicians who would dare break from the party line. Much of the fury aimed at Dick Durbin, though probably genuinely felt by many, was manufactured for political gain. Imagine, though, the righteous fury being promised to be delivered to any GOPer who dares deviate from Rovian dictates.

Thursday, June 23, 2005






I'm sure, however, that the MSM will discover another missing white woman before they durbinize Rove.

Update: And here. And here.

Drum quote: That's how the Republican party plays the game these days: accuse Democrats of being traitors and poltroons, and then, when they're called on it, turn up the volume even higher while simultaneously pretending that they're just talking about "different philosophies." This is McCarthy level thuggery, and one can only hope that Karl Rove meets the same bad end as the junior senator from Wisconsin.
Our Trolls

Here they are, listening to the Rush Bloviator Show:
Here are a few of their insights:

Why do you Liberals fear a free and Democratic Middle East?

You Liberals don't have pride in anything.

Hitlery is the essence of whats wrong with the Dem Party.

Speaking only for myself, I welcome considered, thoughtful comments from all spectrums, but please, if all you're going to do is zombie-chant the routine Right bullshit, stop. Don't urge us to listen to Rush and Sean and O'Reilly - you zero your credibility when you do. And please don't post full length columns by parasitical nepotists like David Limbaugh.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Democrats Cave, Thwart Republican Plan

Congress passes flag anti-desecration bill. 130 voted against, meaning a significant percentage of Democratic congressmen decided that free speech for all Americans is not as important as free screech for the Pigster Sound Machine.

I know I sound shrill today, and I make no apology.

Cynicism abounds: I have no doubt that the Reptiles are both elated and disappointed by the success of the vote. On the one hand, they must be unhappy that Democrats have denied the Sound Machine days of debate on just why Liberals hate the flag, support flag-burning, and how that support encourages Iraqi insurgents to become suicide bombers. Don't think this was rushed to a vote in the aftermath of the giddy Durbingutting? Don't think that Bill O'Reilly hasn't prepared a "first they call our troops Nazis, now they won't protect the flag" diatribe for tonight's broadcast?

The Reptiles have to be happy also. Look how docilely belly-up go the Democrats. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the Democratic House leadership think they're being canny, avoiding this fight right now, and I can concede, without agreeing with, that political decision: with dWarf's numbers plummeting, Repigs were hoping for this fight, revamping the Red-Blue culture war.

But the Democratic leaderships decision to let this bill pass without a whimper is as cynical as the Repugnican decision to bring it to a vote. Which will not sway anyone in the middle. Which will further alienate the base.
And Furthermore, Goddamit

Think about this: Dick Durbin has apologized for saying that Americans should not engage in any form of coercion that our enemies could compare to those actions used by totalitarian states of the past.

I'm sorry if I offended anyone by saying America should avoid any taint of disrepute through mistreating prisoners. Jeebus.
Gutless Cowards

Durbin crys, apologizes.

Let's count the number of Durbin's Senate Democrat colleagues that have stepped forward to defend Durbin's statement - and to correct the deliberate distortion of Durbin's statement by the troglodyte-Right sound machine - and Durbin's right to make the statement.

Compare that zero with the multitude who attacked THEIR OWN FREAKING PARTY'S CHAIRMAN for saying that the white Christian majority Republican party is white and Christian.

You know, I get effing weary keeping angry at the daily Bushco litany of lies, distortions, and general crimes of Bushco. I'm becoming ever more convinced that one of Buchco's primary tactics is attrition - nobody, they figure, can keep up the outrage forever; eventually, they think, they'll have a country of numb and dumb.

But what pisses me off to another level is when Democrats cave to the Repignican sound machine. Let me tell you what the Right will take from this toilet-training of Durbin: Democrats will not defend their own no matter how correct that defense is. Turn up the noise, Democrats run. Dean, Durbin, caught in the Repignican shitstorm, are abandoned by their own.

Here's the lasting image in American consciousness: Durbin called our troops Nazis and then cried. Thanks, Democrats. Pussies.