Thursday, July 07, 2005


I've been surfing the blogs and cruising the leather bars on Fox and CNN where Conservative talking heads bloviate each other, and this just in: those Liberals who hate America are responsible for the London underground bombings. Goodness, I feel just awful.

Here I thought, four and a half years into an administration that controls both sides of Congress, which has instructed that Congress to eliminate whatever vestiges of power and influence Democrats have in Congress with the express goal of relegating Democrats in general and Liberals in particular to irrelevancy, and has ruled with an ironclad Fuck You, Shut Up agenda, might be responsible for the policies that, almost four years after the 911 attacks, allow Osama Bin Laden to still direct Al-Qaida and have turned Iraq into a training ground for new terrorist recruits; has initiated and implemented policies that have further diminished America's security by alienating our allies and increasing global loathing of all things American. Hell, it wasn't Liberals that let the Coast Guard rot to shit.

But I am, according to Patriotic Americans, which as a Liberal I cannot be by definition, responsible for the London bombings and, I suppose, the Madrid bombings also.

Fvcking rightwing fvcking fvcks, this is on YOUR watch, awipes.

And have you ever, EVER, seen such glee as these pigweasels on the attack? They're freakin' gleeful. They freakin' love it. And you know what else? They love freakin' Osama Bin Laden almost as much as they hate Americans who don't think exactly like they do.

They fvcked up. It's gotta be our fault. Thanks for the credit, but really, we don't deserve it. This is all on you.
The Self-Perpetuating Machine

If we needed reminding of how symbiotically necessary Bushco and terrorism are to each other, today's bomb blasts in London serve as refresher. Regardless of who is responsible for the bombings (the presumption being Al-Q, of course), we'll see a reifying of Hard Right "realism" (which may, in many instances, be honorable) and, of course, a cynical exploitation of the dead and damaged by Bushco for political gain. Both will argue for increased vigilance (which translates as less civil rights) and more military action (which translates as more occupation of Arab lands). The first reduces for us those very freedoms our rhetoric says those who are not us deserve, the second creates ever more terrorists ever more determined to attack us.

Honorable Realists argue that war is the nature of humans and the world, that history is a self-perpetuating machine, and that it's better to wield the whip than be whipped. Some days, like today, it's harder to disagree with them than others. This is how most of us felt after 911.

But I don't feel after London like I did after 911, and it's not because it happened in Britain instead of the US. I was asked by an aunt at the family 4th why I hate George Bush so much. Here's why: he is making these attacks more likely than unlikely; he will use this attack to push un-American policies against American citizens and will use this attack to push military policies more likely to engender more of theses attacks; he will use these attacks to divert attention from his failure as President and the corruption of his administration. He will, through deliberate intentions and/or inadvertent imcompetence, guarantee that this will happen again. And again. And again.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Just a Reminder:

Not that many of us need reminding, but there's
a tsunami of swerves coming.
Ignore the Voices in Your Head

Bushco urges people to shut up, and it's not us on the Left.

In a series of conference calls on Tuesday and over the last several days, Republican Senate aides encouraged conservative groups to avoid emphasizing the searing cultural issues that social conservatives see at the heart of the court fight, subjects like abortion, public support for religion and same-sex marriage, participants said.

Instead, these participants, who insisted on anonymity to avoid exclusion from future calls, said the aides - including Barbara Ledeen of the Senate Republican Conference and Eric Ueland, chief of staff to Senator Bill Frist, the majority leader - emphasized themes that had been tested in polls, including a need for a fair and dignified confirmation process.

In other words, Bushco IS aware that on abortion, separation of church and state, and equal rights for all citizens regardless of sexual orientation, the majority of Americans support positions diametrically opposite of American Talibans. Therefore, Democrats who represent the majority opinions of Americans MUST be portrayed as working exactly against those Americans.

(And, as an aside, if Bushco's top priority is placing a supreme that will cater to the interests of big business, it could nominate a judge who advocated returning to Robber Baroncy and s/he'd get through swooshingly as long as s/he was neutral on the cultural issues. I suspect this was the planning all along; I suspect the Mullahs worry about this, and thus the loud fuss.)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


GOP recruiter checks out qualification of troll wannabe,
examining troll's brain:

Accepted for indoctrination, trolls are taught to love
our preznit:

and to accept our Savior and take his word as
ultimate truth:

Enlightened into the Way, the troll expresses
his independence of mind:

This has been a public service announcement.
Please don't feed the trolls.

This is the last time I will.

Intelligent, original comments from all
spectrums are welcome.

Sunday, July 03, 2005


If Karl Rove was the leaker of Valerie Plame's name, how would he, a private citizen, have known she was a CIA agent? I'm asking because I don't know how this would work: I assume such information is classified - would a non-governmental employee, one whose job as a private citizen involved political strategy, be given clearance to national security information in general and CIA information in particular? Even one working as a private citizen for the president? In other words, was it a crime for him to even know about Plame? Did someone in Bushco with clearance commit a crime in telling Rove about Plame?

If so, and he was the leaker, then there are two people who commited a treasonous felony, Rove and the person who disclosed that information to Rove.

Does this sound right? (My guess re: the leak - Rove wanted to punish, he was given the info on Plame, he put the person who knew about Plame in touch w/Novakula. Still a crime, still the work of a pustule of evil, but not the same as being the leaker. Hope I'm wrong.)