Saturday, September 02, 2006

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The Frames

Mike Doughty

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The Mendoza line



The Wrens yes, again.

UPDATE: Reader KKG emailed to tell me that this post had screwed up Blogger's appearance in Internet Explorer, and sure enough. I've known this to be a problem with big images in the past, but I've neglected to doublecheck since I use Firefox for everything and thought I'd been careful. Therefore, the reposting.

Which helps but doesn't totally fix the appearance in IE. I've lots of issues with Blogger, issues I've not resolved but sidestepped by reminding myself what I'm paying for Blogger and that I'm getting what I pay for. A look at the Blogger help board shows that this problem - amongst many - is endemic to Blogger. I'll see what I can do.

And if any you wants to sing the praises of typepad to me, please do via email. I'll listen.

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Poorman notes that more and more once real Americans have been morally hijacked by the terrorists, who have poisoned American discourse with their relentless anti-Bush agenda.

Not to worry, there are still patriots, patriots like Sean Hannity, who sees the big picture:

This is the moment to say that there are things in life worth fighting and dying for and one of 'em is making sure Nancy Pelosi doesn't become the speaker.

Nancy Pelosi, worth dying for. What about other American patriots, patriots like Marsha Blackburn, a congresswoman from Tennessee, who said last night on the News Hour:

There are people who are always going to be against fighting for freedom, always is going to happen.

And just listen to the words of Maximum Leader:

We face an enemy that has an ideology; they believe things. The best way to describe their ideology is to relate to you the fact that they think the opposite of the way we think. We treasure the freedom to worship. We value the freedom for people to express themselves in the public square. We honor the right for people to be able to raise their children in a peaceful society so they can realize their dreams. The enemy we face doesn't believe in dissent. They don't believe in the freedom to worship. They got a narrow view of freedom. But this enemy is particularly lethal because they're willing to use whatever tactic is necessary to achieve their objective. You know, right after September the 11th, I knew that one of my challenges would be to remind the American people about the dangers of the world.

Jeebus on steroids, he believes what he's saying and he believes he's profound. He's singing to a shrinking choir. Watching pignut heads explode

from the internal pressure of their relentless stupidity would be satisfyingly entertaining if these morons weren't willing to sacrifice the country rather than admit they're wrong.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Three Games Next Week, So You....

The Washington Post today runs a Goff article on United's slump. He makes many of the same points that many of us have been making:

Players and coaches have cited several factors in the club's drop in form -- the monotony of a long season, nagging injuries, inspired opponents, several mid-week games and officiating decisions -- but also acknowledged deeper problems reminiscent of last season's weak finish....

"To me, it looked like there was a lot of physical and mental fatigue," Olsen said.

All true, and starting this Saturday DCU plays a league match in Los Angeles vs Chivas, a USOC semifinal in Chicago Wednesday, and league match at home next Saturday v Real Salt Lake.

So in the first truly meaningless game United has played since Getafe in February - and even more meaningless than that since that at least had the impetus of preseason import - against Richmond last night, Nowak starts:

D.C. United: Nick Rimando, Facundo Erpen, Bobby Boswell, Bryan Namoff, Josh Gros; Brian Carroll, Ben Olsen - C, Christian Gomez, Matias Donnet; Freddy Adu, Jamil Walker

I know the game was called after twenty minutes because of lightning so we'll never know what the substitution plan was, and I'd like to imagine that Erpen and Boswell and Namoff and Gros and Carroll and Olsen and Gomez (Gomez started?) would get an early evening, and I understand that United was probably trying to rediscover some cohesion on offense, and I understand there might be some professional agreement between DCU and Richmond for United to play some semblance of regulars for some portion of the game, but with three games in eight days coming up wouldn't it have been better to give at least a few of the starters the whole night off? Mentally as well as physically?

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Work's a Souljacker

Thankfully, there's The Eels.

It's OK if they act like a turd, cause I like.....

Monday, August 28, 2006

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Contrary to all expectations about myself, I'm not overly panicked about the implications and ramifications of last night's embarassing DCU undressing by the LA Galaxy. Yes, I said I though the game was crucial, and I stand by that. DCU missed an opportunity to reestablish themselves, going into the final quarter of the season, as the preeminent team in MLS, ordained as points champ and favorites in the playoffs. And now, revealed as creaky and tired and broken in key places, nothing can be considered safe - not the Supporters Shield, not a MLS Cup - DCU will have to fight as desperately and urgently as, oh, the LA Galaxy played last night. This may be a good thing, depending.

Depending on whether the have the wheels. Gomez has to be healthy. Adu has to be healthy. United is Columbus if they have to play with Simms AND Walker AND Eskandarian on the field simultaneously. That's three players with the first touch of a stump. Eskandarian cannot do anyfreakingthing with his right foot. Walker's a decent late substitute to run at an exhausted defense, but he's not quality enough to start. Simms has regressed, gone tentative. Whether or not DCU with Adu and Gomez starting could have matched LA's intensity and energy is questionable (and it's not like LA doesn't have a history of playing well at RFK). But there was no way that DCU could beat that LA team last night with those three on the field at the same time. Beyond issues of fatigue, beyond issues of intensity and urgency and desire, the team DCU started last night looked leagues behind LA in talent. That's what's worrisome.

I don't know why Olsen was subbed out at half, but if he's injured, and Gomez is hobbled, and Adu is gimpy, and Mediate's finished for the year, that's three key players and a valuable reserve either under-strength or kaput. The Post says Donnet might be available for Chivas, and he may be great or he may be good or he may be Guppy Filomeno, who knows? I'm not that concerned that a desperate LA with a point to prove outplayed and outhustled DCU last night, but I am concerned that attrition has caught up to United. They can talk about refocusing all they like, but if the talent's not on the field it won't matter.

Side note: Fuck Santino Quaranta. Punkassbitch. No wonder he fits in well with the LA Galaxy, the flagship franchise of divers, whiners, punkassbitches.

Final note: The wages of Cassandra: Guess who said on June 22, "
Watch Donovan come score two for Galaxy v DCU in RFK this August 26." What a smartass.