Thursday, March 23, 2006

Outrage is the Cure for Outrage Fatigue

Not experiencing the adrenal rush of beating up on Ben Domenech? Karl Rove blames the President's poll woes on "external events" like the war in Iraq and White House plants Nagourney and Bumiller let it go unremarked in NYT? Bush planning new offensive in war in Iraq, a frontal assault on his critics*, the cowardly Democrats and terrorist-supporting press? Having trouble summoning up anger that the everyday criminalities and inanities of this administration doesn't summon up anger?

Well, read this headline:

I have one thing to say to Roger Figgety Daltrey and Pete Figgety Townshend: John Entwistle and Keith Moon are still figgety dead, and there can not be a Who without the greatest rhythm section in the history of rock music.

I can stand Roger Figgety Daltrey whoring himself out as an "actor" on a crappy TV shows (which I can avoid). I can take Pete Townshend selling his entire figgety catalogue to any advertising agency with enough shiny pennies (though I can't always avoid the commercials). I can take (though I wouldn't pay to see, or watch for free) Roger Figgery Daltrey (born 1944) standing open-shirted, twirling the mic around his head like a lasso; I can take (though I wouldn't pay to see, or watch for free) Pete Figgety Townshend (born 1945), wax in his deaf ears, windmilling his guitar. What I cannot take is the two of them lassoing and windmilling under a Who banner or putting out new music as The Who if Keith Moon and John Entwistle are still dead.

Ba'al, next thing you know, the surviving members of Queen will go out and hire a hack singer like Paul Rodgers (who feels like making love, bad company that he is) to replace Freddy Mercury.

*"I saw the rushes the other day when the Republican National Committee released the text of a radio ad and Bush held a hastily called press conference. The revamped story line is WATITH (the “war against terrorists inside the homeland”) and it will feature Bush not as Top Gun, but as Top Gumshoe: a mix of Eliot Ness, J. Edgar Hoover and Agent Jack Bauer."


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