Monday, March 20, 2006

With less than two weeks before the opener against Red Bull New York* the starting line-up seems to be:

Prideaux or Namoff/Erpen/Boswell



This was the line-up against said Red Bull (nee Metroscum) this past Saturday night in a United 1-0 victory in preseason. Adu played the whole game, Walker came in for Filomeno in the only substitution of real note.

I like it. DCU needs to see what they have in Filomeno, and Walker is best coming off the bench around 70 minutes when his speed would be most effective against tired defenders. Adu needs to play - though Gros has played well on the left, Adu's a natural lefty and has to be there. Biggest question is Boswell (who scored that breathtaking header vs Chelsea last summer to give DCU a brief lead): does he have enough speed to play a flank defender in 3-5-2? If he does, if the defense stays organized, good things may happen.

*Yes, Red Bull New York sounds whorish, but this is soccer in America: if a major corporation with a major hot commodity wants to put its name on a MLS soccer team in the country's biggest market, you let them. Joyfully.


Anonymous Quiet Side said...

They're going to have to pull Carroll and/or Olsen so far back to protect the defense that the offense will be slow on the counter-attack.

Not that I have a better idea.

4:20 PM  

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