Sunday, May 28, 2006

There are two referees in MLS that fill me with dread when I hear they've been assigned to a DCU game, Abe Okulaja (spelling?) and Terry Vaughn. Especially Terry Vaughn. So it is with dire fear of the karmic payback to come from last night's game that I note that for once in his lifetime Vaughn's ineptitude benefited DCU. I don't know if Jaime was offside (or to put it another way, whether Jaime cheated) on the first goal - I've read that he lined up offside and then crossed onside to score. I do know that rewarding Simms a PK for his airball and fall in the box was the single worse refereeing decision I've seen since, oh, the last time Terry Vaughn refereed a DCU game.

Which is not to discount how much better DCU was than KC. Simms in Olsen's hole is clearly the best option while Ben's away. And even if Freddy's poor clearance on the goal line led to KC's goal, Freddy's earning his keep: really, there can't be any debate about why Adu's now on the field for 90 minutes - he's working harder, especially on defense, and he's seemed to have grown up a bit professionally. And that cross on the free kick in first half stoppage that led to Boswell's header was perfect.

Wednesday night at home v Columbus and then BANG! next Saturday v Ningland. I naturally have unreasonably high expectations (until and unless I see Abe Okalaja or Terry Vaughn warming up along the sideline before the games).


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