Friday, June 23, 2006

Hubbub and Children

Grown-ups will tell us Liberals we are being childish over our outrage over new revelations that The Decider! Collective is absorbing any and all financial information of any and all individuals and any and all corporations in any and all countries in its continuing brave and visionary mission to assimilate us all into freedom. Adults understand the world is dangerous, adults understand that, as Urdick says, the dark side must be worked. Adults understand that the way to confront unmitigated and unrelenting and irredeemable evil is to be more unmitigatingly, unrelentingly, irredeemably evil than them. If freedom falls victim in battle for freedom, so be it: in the battle for freedom freedom is irrelevant. What good are your liberties if you have no liberties? If you have no liberties as we protect your liberties you should be grateful, you puny treasonous Liberal child. You will be assimilated in any case.

Besides, your President:

assures you that no laws were broken, no one's civil liberties violated, and no personal information gathered is being permanently stored against you.

Sleep tight, Child.


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