Thursday, June 22, 2006

Well, that talk here about Filomeno yesterday? Nevermind. Though if Moreno is seriously hurt, United is suddenly seriously short of strikers. When Jaime took a spill in the first half and sprawled in pain it looked like back spasms, so when he went down again in the 2nd I thought it might be back problems again, but the Post is reporting leg issues. If he has to miss games, and Eskandarian's knee is a problem, and Filomeno is flubbing first touches at Nuevo Chicago, and Jamil Walker is coming off injury, who plays up top?

It was a game of missed sitters for both teams. Mediate had a wide open net at six minutes but botched the volley and Adu was set brilliantly at the top of the box at 16 and he promptly kicked the ball 20 feet over the top. Perkins did well on a few tough saves, but really, Chicago gacked some good opportunities. Nowak saw and swapped out Gomez for Wilson at 70 and DCU went to straight four man back line.

Gros seemed re-gassed and Carroll was quietly good and Simms was justly rewarded with his screamer: he's filled in nicely for Olsen and has given Nowak an interesting dilemma once Ben returns. But the offense again struggled for a second goal - off the top of my head I don't recall many dangerous situations created by United in the second half. And it was an oddly flat game, workmanlike, but a mid-season midweek feel to a mid-season midweek game. Crowd was flat too.

But what's important: three points.


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