Wednesday, June 21, 2006


More Evangelicals here. I'm telling you, I think something really interesting is happening here.

DCU at home tonight v Fire, the first time they've played since Chicago run up and down and in and out and embarrassed the bejeebers out of a dismal United 4-0 in last year's playoffs. There's more to play for then revenge. Throwing away four points in the last two games should be enough motivation.

DCU needs six out of six points this week at home. I know, it's a long season, and I'm sure some are sick of hearing me harp on winning the Supporters Cup, but here I go again: I'll talk more about this after the USMNT finishes its WC adventure, but the future of US soccer, both club and country, depends on both playing more internationals in more countries where soccer really is king. Success is winning the MLS Cup. Grand success is winning an international tournament.

Filomeno gets another chance. I read and read and hear and hear that he's a practice wonderstriker, and United has $$$ed him rather substantially by MLS standards, but he's got to start showing up big in games. I watch him, and it seems to me he lacks a decent first touch, which might explain why he practices better than he plays in games, the pace and urgency missing in practice.

Post reports that #7 (no, not the now #7, the above mentioned Lucio)

is working out with United this week in his Blackburn offseason (and is getting married in Minnesota over the weekend). Hopefully they'll bring him out for us to shout greetings tonight.

I have an extra ticket for tonight: anyone interested who knows the private email or phone # give a holler.


Anonymous Quiet Side said...

Nothing bad can come from Nelly spending a week talking and working w/Boswell and Erpen.

Beer at halftime? The Heineken cart? Meet you there.

1:07 PM  

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