Monday, August 07, 2006

Getting My Aargh Back

Martin Peretz, editor of The New Republic, on the op-ed page of The Wall Street Journal:

The Lamont ascendancy, if that is what it is, means nothing other than that the left is trying, and in places succeeding, to take back the Democratic Party. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters have stumped for Mr. Lamont. As I say, we have been here before. Ned Lamont is Karl Rove's dream come true. If he, and others of his stripe, carry the day, the Democratic party will lose the future, and deservedly.

Set aside - well, just for a minute - the significance of the editor of TNR supporting the Lords of the Universe of WSJ's op-ed editors on WSJ's op-ed pages. (After all, yesterday's Wash Post carried Robert Kagan's relentlessly dishonest tear-stained love letter for Joe, calling him the "last honest man" in politics.) And please don't notice what all three of the Democrats named by Peretz have in common: I'm sure that was just an accident. What I find truly illuminating is Peretz' - and other "centrist Democrats'" - grand Fuck You and Everyone Who Thinks Like You flip-off to a whole wing of a whole party. They're liebermanning, committing the very same patronizing shut-up-n-take-it that liebermanned Lieberman.

Note to windpiggers: see if you can find the irony in Peretz' statement that:

Mr. Lieberman's view is that there are actually enemies who, intoxicated by millennial delusions, are not open to rational and reciprocal arbitration. Why should they be? After all, they inhabit a universe of inevitability, rather like Nazis and communists, but with a religious overgloss. Such armed doctrines, in Mr. Lieberman's view, need to be confronted and overwhelmed.

Can't? Jeebus H Dipshit.


Thought experiment for the day:

Should Lieberman WIN tomorrow, imagine the number of cigarettes smoked in the afterglow of the congratulatory mmwah of the punditocracy's orgy of self-congratulation for saving the world from the Stalinist hicks in Leftblogostan.

It'll make icky look pristine.


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