Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Quaranta Gone

Posted now, and in tomorrow's print Post, a report that DCU has traded Santino Quaranta to the Los Angeles Galaxy for some blips and boops towards MLS' mysterious calculations that determine player allotments.

Mention is also made of some deal (I imagine it's Dema) with New York that will add additional blips and boops which, in combination with the Quaranta deal, will allow DCU to sign a biggee. Goff speculates that won't happen until next year. Quaranta makes a lot of money by MLS standards ($145,500), so this will help DCU afford said biggee within the salary cup structure.

Wish I could say I'm disappointed or surprised but nope. Whether it was his body (and he was broke often) or his head (when he was healthy), Quaranta never showed he could consistently work hard enough to see if he could be as good as the hype. I've heard the talk that he was too immature to understand the work he needed to put in, and if he ever did understand the need he wouldn't have the discipline. Which makes him pretty damn likely to get into Nowak's bad graces and stay there. Which makes this probably best for everyone.


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