Monday, July 11, 2005

Don't Dance the Victory Dance

Look, I'm rooting for a Rove perpwalk as much as the next person.But let's keep perspective. As delicious as Rove's public disgrace would be, what difference is it going to make? Followers of Jesus Cracker, brave Yellow Elephants, courageous members of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders, people who not only buy but can bear to listen to Fat Toby Keith, and most importantly, the moral nullities controlling the US House and Senate, will see in Rove's fall a call for retrenchment much like they feel when the terrorists they've inspired commit inspired bits of terrorism.

And what is to keep Rove from running his adminstration from a jail cell?

And who is to say that a mini-Rove more evil isn't already spawned from the toxins in lizards' vomit?


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