Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Political Wrestling

What if George W Bush went before a microphone and cameras this afternoon and said, "I called Karl Rove into my office and asked him to his face whether he in fact compromised nat'l security by divulging the name of a CIA operative and he admitted that he did. I immediately offered him the choice of resigning or being fired, and he chose to retire. I have made it clear that I will not tolerate the violation of nat'l security for petty political gain;" what if?

This would be the ultimate swerve. Bush would come across as a moral stalwart to the rubes, the smart marks on the Right would see it as a work and smirkingly approve, the smart marks on the Left would bitch and moan, appropriately, that this is indeed a work and then be attacked by the Right for kneejerkingly hating everything Bush, and the rubes would agree.

I recognize these speculations don't take into account the legal aspects of Rove admitting he was the leaker, and it certainly doesn't take into account dWarf's famous loyalty to his closest apparatchiks. But Bushco is no doubt planning its exit strategy on Rove and will probably decide they have to play this out in this fashion anyway; what if they get ahead of the curve? I know WE think it's too late to work the swerve, and I hope we're right, but good political wrestling is about suspended disbelief anyway.


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