Thursday, July 14, 2005

Tea Leaves (and a Challenge)

House organ Foxnews starting to speculate on Rove departure. Hmmmm.

Remember, Rove was the second leaker. Rove is a second rank villian in this.

And this:

Someone name Antitroll made a challenge in the comments yesterday regarding the coming smear campaign against Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald, one of course not taken up, so I thank Antitroll for his efforts and post them here again:

When the time comes, Red State, to start attacking Fitzgerald - and it's going to come - you'll be told what to think, but since you wish to portray yourself as an independent thinker, why don't you tell us, right now, what your opinion of Fitzgerald is? That's right, before Rush tells you what to say.

What? What? I can't hear you.

Yes, please do. And, to show faith, I hearby claim to believe what I've heard from both sides already, that Fitzgerald's conservative but fair, and approaches his job with determination and honor. Whatever he reports I will accept without questioning his motives. How about you?


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