Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Where's the biggest Dick in Washington? I see three possibilities. More probably, a combination of all three. In what proportion? That's the question.

First, there are those "knee" operations, complete with the photo-op with the crutches. I'm willing to bet that there were indeed stents implanted in the veeper's body, quite possibly in his knees, as well as his many times infarcted heart. Quite honestly, I don't wish a heart attack on anybody, but realistically, any time Cheney disappears you have to consider the guy's medical history and wonder.

Second, he could soon be perpwalking. What does he have to offer Scooter to not flip? S'gotta be something good if Scooter chooses that over jail time. Maybe, if Dick's still loyal to the Boy King, he's distancing himself from the Boy King in case he's handcuffed and introduced to the gang in the weight room of the federal pen.

Third, maybe Dick's tired of the Boy King's wankeries, pisseries, pooperies, and maybe the Boy King's tired of Dick's scolding and badgering and hectoring and goddamn grim seriousness. Maybe Dick, flyfishing in Wyoming, heard about Aftermath Katrina and said, clean it up your fucking self to the Boy King. Maybe Dick said to the Boy King, you're President, YOU cut your vacation short. Maybe the Boy King told him, like a 13 year old running away from home, I don't need you Dad.

In any case, Cheney's mysterious disappearance from the public eye means something. Hopefully, the end of the Cheney Administration.

UPDATE (7:33am 10/12/05): KABOOM?


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