Thursday, October 20, 2005

Cartoon Worldview

Regardless of the outcome of the current fury of scandals, what is evident now (and has been evident to many of us all along), is that Conservatives may play the anti-intellectualism card to win elections, but when it comes to governance, they really DO think the American public in general and their own constituency in particular, are stupid, superstitious morons easily manipulated by demagogic appeals to a cartoon country's cartoon image.

They presented, in 2000, a cartoon for President, and they cheated him through to the White House. Since his inauguration the kleptocratic oligarchs and oligarchic kleptocrats (KOOKs) launched massive aid programs aimed at making them more oligarchic, more kleptocratic, and some of these aid projects, like that little war in Iraq, have cost over 2000 American soldiers' lives. And that war, as much as every other policy set by the KOOKs, is progagandized in the simplest, either/or, good/evil cartooning imaginable. They think you're stupid.

A question that needs considering is this: was the KOOKs agenda, from the beginning, to further ease the date-raping of America, country's welfare be damned, or, far more scarily, do the KOOKs really believe that their date-raping of the country is in the country's best interest? Or to ask a follow-up question: which is worse, to be led by corrupt cartoonists or to be led by corrupt cartoonists that believe their own cartoons?


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