Monday, October 24, 2005

The Boy King is throwing shitfits:
"This is not some manager at McDonald's chewing out the help," said a source with close ties to the White House when told about these outbursts. "This is the President of the United States, and it's not a pleasant sight."

Meanwhile, top GOP strategists are testdriving their talking points in anticipation of Fitzmas:
"With a decision expected this week on possible indictments in the C.I.A. leak case, allies of the White House suggested Sunday that they intended to pursue a strategy of attacking any criminal charges as a disagreement over legal technicalities or the product of an overzealous prosecutor."

The reliably lapdogish Elizabeth Bumiller of the (a) discredited (b) conservative (c) dysfunctional (d) all of the above New York Times bemoans and then lionizes Brave Karl:
"But even as White House officials and Republicans say that Mr. Rove is human and that the leak investigation has taken an enormous toll on his family, they also insist that everyone is focused on the work at hand, and that Mr. Rove is good at compartmentalizing his life."

And enormous toll on his family? As opposed to the toll on Ann Richard's family or the toll on John Kerry's family or the toll on, let's see, Joseph Wilson's family? Boo. Fucking. Hoo.

The Secretary of State is a tapeworm. The Secretary of Defense is insane. The Vice President is Blofeld. The President is a pantshitting seven-year-old throwing tantrums. And the message from the GOP, the party of responsibility: whatever happens, it's the Liberals fault.


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