Monday, May 29, 2006

I apologize for continually harping on the defense, but an on-game Czech Republic and an on-game Italy and an on-game Ghana (which we can agree will not be a gimme, yes?) will cut this team to shoelaces. I don't think the US can win a game in which the other team scores two (do you think the US could get three by Petr Cech?).

And I apologize for continually harping on the strikers. Oof, service has got to be perfect, at their feet, and even then they're not skilled enough to more than flail straight ahead.

And Convey - I never saw this at RFK: he made a run in the 79th minute where he took ball at midfield, ran it into the box, and set up his right foot. The shot was blocked but he hit it well and hit it accurately. I'm thinking if he continues to improve at the pace he has over the past year, if Reading doesn't stick in Premiership after next season (or even if they do) some bigger club's going to come after him.

I liked the kits.


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