Monday, June 05, 2006

Demonizers' Self-Demonizing

So The Decider!, who apparently doesn't give a flying fuck of any flavor about gay marriage, in a move so transparent that no one believes it's anything beyond an old queen's fart of a political stunt, endorses an amendment that would be the first in American history to deny civil rights if it had a chance to pass (which it doesn't). But, but, what about the great swell of moral outrage against gay marriage? Ahem.

Perhaps it's me and my anti-wishful wishful thinking, but at some point in demonization the demonizers become the demonized. I'm not sure it's the smartest political move to remind the 70% of Americans who wouldn't love The Decider! even if he came to their house and shat on the carpet that in desperate times The Decider! hurries to cravenly appeal to intolerent Christers and their theodicy of hate.

At some point proclaiming that two same gendered adults, in love, committed to each other, who ask only for basic civil rights, is the crucial moral issue facing America will be seen by all but the most intolerant as morally absurd. Proclaiming it for the shallowest and most transparent of political reasons - for the zillionth time - can only hasten that day.

And then there's flag desecration, the other great moral crisis of our time:

Never mind.


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