Monday, May 29, 2006

Monday: The Extended Sunday

Through the glories of myspace I offer Silversun Pickups who I, aware of my tendencies to hyperbolically rapturous proclamations, nonetheless think may be a damn fine band. Nothing groundbreaking, nothing paradigm-shifting, just a fine damn band. Start - please - with "Kissing Families." Their website offers goodies too. Neither offer the couple of songs I think their best.

Some reads:

A new Alice Munro short story.

Reviews of Roth's *Everyman* here and here. I confess it's sitting on my desk, unread - perhaps I should read it while I'm not feeling overcast, but it seems like a sure way to get overcast fast.

Art Metal? Sunn0)))? New to me.

To Cam: yes, I'll be angry
again soon, I promise.


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