Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Headline right now in Washington Post:

Paulson Nominated as Treasury Secretary

Yeah, that'll work.

Yet another newspaper article on the mysteries of Hillary, this time in Wash Post and NOT a hatchet job, imagine that. I waver bipolarly on all aspects of Political Hillaryism except on this one very critical issue: Anyone who can make wingnut heads explode in a froth of rabid sexism and pure genuine primal hate has tremendous potential political power. What that means and whether it goes and where it goes if it does and whether it should and what will result are of course debatable, endlessly.

And Roberts and Alito start paying back The Decider! toot sweet! There are no accidents round here. No matter how disasterous (to his supporters) The Decider!s presidency is judged, one of his primary goals was to stock SCOTUS with pro-capital, pro-authoritarian judges, and the bastard has succeeded.

Oh, here's something to read and think about.


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