Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Left Blogs Are Mean. Am Not.

As many have noticed, much stormitude has thundered over Godfather Kos and his sway over Leftblogostan, which in turn has prompted much pondering by not only the Right but especially the established Left on the general nastiness and childishness and surliness and rudeness of we Lefty hordes of unwashed bloggers.

Therefore, to show my respect for the opinions of the established corporate heads of the Democratic Party, who have so successfully run congressional and senatorial and presidential elections since 1996 (really, their track record is remarkably consistent after all), I will not be mentioning that Rush Limbaugh was detained last night in a Palm Beach Florida airport (nor will I be providing a link to the article) for having a cache of unprescribed Viagra. Nor will I make any obvious flaccid or puny, pudly jokes that fail to rise to the seriousness of the situation.

That would be childish.


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