Friday, August 11, 2006

Real Follow-up

Post has a day-after story about the Madrid game, calling the tie a "big-step." Also, a friend from Seattle sent me a bunch of links to Seattle papers:

When you consider the 4-0 win over Celtic, the DCU-dominated MLS All-Star team's win over Chelsea, and then the 1-1 tie v Madrid, that's an impressive summer run of friendlies for United. I'm hoping it's more than wishful thinking on my part, but I think now that the friendlies are through, and DCU can focus at the domestic goals at hand, we will see much sharper soccer in league from DCU than we have recently. I mean, Real Madrid or Real Salt Lake? Really, which do you think DCU should have considered the more important? (I realize it's not zero-sum, but you get my point.)

Oh, I watched the last five minutes of the first half on re-run last night, looking for the freekick that Adu took that supposedly pissed off Eskandarian. Freddy earned the foul, getting smacked down like a sack of flour after a short run at goal, just outside the box. Took about a minute for the referee to blow the whistle as the wall wouldn't set. Freddy and Alecko over the ball, and then Freddy takes it. Didn't look like any fuss. Alecko hadn't moved. At the pan-out shot at the end of the half, however, Alecko could be seen ripping off his head-band and waving his arms and shouting at some United official. The question being, was Alecko pissed at Freddy for hijacking the kick or pissed at the coaching staff for giving the kick to Freddy?


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