Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Three More Years in Scandalandia

While Georgie was indulging his fantasy of being the construction worker in the Village People yesterday (and having great fun until the suddenly ballsy Matt Lauer audaciously asked Georgie pertinent questions that made Georgie squirm), Georgie's heretofore marchstepping Party is abandoning ship.

This article in today's NYT reports that GOP Senators long considered safely in Bushco pockets are rebeling over the Miers nomination. The Senators are letting their surrogates do the bitching, but senatorial surrogates don't bitch publicly but at their masters' behest.

This isn't about judicial philosophy, or fear of the Talibamericans, this is about fleeing the plague ship Bushco.

Georgie is going to be humiliated on Miers. Major White House figures are going to be indicted and/or forced to resign. The MSM, long quailed by Bushco, sense a bloody feeding frenzy at the same time they're awakening to their five year abandonment of principles. There's an election next year.

Yes, we Liberals have ALWAYS loathed Bushco, ALWAYS thought and said that they are corrupt AND incompetent. The paradigm shift: those Republicans who KNEW the same about Bushco but wanted to join the looting are in deep uh-oh mode. They're getting ready to throw Georgie overboard and let him swim by himself.


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