Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Lake Needwood*, where I spent many a day not going to Frau Colburn's

German class my junior and senior years of high school, and the designated launching pad of every epod (not that Elric 7 is reading this), major or minor, is a holding reservoir of Rock Creek, and its dam is in danger of being overrun and/or breached. Normally I would find this cool, but since I live within 200 yards of Rock Creek downstream from the dam, it may affect me personally, inconveniencing my in and out of my neighborhood. Dam.

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Damn. DCU's playing in KC tonight and it's not viewable. Comcast, which recently re-upped to broadcast away games starting with next week's game in Dallas, is showing a stupid baseball game, and MLSnet, who I gave $$$ to so I could watch road games, isn't showing this one. Washington Post has a brief overview underneath an article about the evaporation of the expectations surrounding Santino Quaranta (who as little as a year ago was getting playing time for USMNT in friendlies and seemed a potentially permanent member of the prospective player pool).

The article mentions that Walker and Eskandarian and Mediate probably are unavailable for tonight, meaning another long night for the starters and a very short bench for relief. To be honest, this feels like a oh-well game: if things start strong, play full out. If things start badly, ease off the pedal, give three of the tired an early night, though it'd be nice to take all 12 possible points vs KC this season (and really, why are these teams done with all four games with half a season to go?). The pregame on mlsnet says Wolff and (the useless and vastly overrated) Johnson and Conrad still away for KC. There're points for the taking. Whether DCU has the legs to do it remains to be goddamn unseen.

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Dance sans guilt.


says "Mushaboom" (an incredibly subversive song, meta-musically)


Sleater-Kinney's calling it quits. Damn.

One Beat

* Please note that I did not make a Rush Limbaugh joke based on the very real name of the lake. I want to be a good blogofascist.


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