Thursday, June 29, 2006

KC 2, DCU 3

What can I say? I didn't see it. There are no highlights up on MLSnet, so I'm guessing that if you weren't in Arrowhead, you didn't see it either.

Here's the WaPo article, here's the KC Sun article, here's the MLSnet article.

Conrad, who hustled back from Deutschland, had an own goal, then Freddy scored in the 16th (in a spectacular goal according to the MLSnet article - we'll never know, now will we?), and then Moreno set up Gomez in the 50th (in a spectacular sequence according to the MLSnet article - we'll never know, now will we?). (Actually, if they were that spectacular, it'll be interesting to see if MLS somehow gets a video of both so they can be candidates for goal of the week.)

Nowak started the same line-up as this past Saturday. Gros was subbed out for Wilson at 58 and Gomez subbed out for Quaranta at 59, so both Gros and Gomez should have relatively fresh legs for FCD next week. That's a game I'm greedy for a win.

The Post reported that Olsen was back on Monday and could have been available if needed. Clint Dempsey played for Ningland last night and had an assist. Conrad made it back. I don't know if there are injury issues or prior vacation agreements that kept Eddie Johnson and Josh Wolff from being there for KC, but if I'm KC management, in a game of importance - not that they'll catch DCU in standings, but they may face them again in the playoffs and, besides, sweeps are embarrassing - for the both of them to not even make themselves available to come in as substitutes? That would piss me off.

35 points out of 16 games? Even if the closest team in standings win both of their games in hand, DCU has a nine point lead in East, a two point lead in Supporters Shield? I'm not even - for today, at least - gonna go look for something to bitch about.

Except for the fact that I couldn't see the game.


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